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Albert Einstein

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Essay Preview: Albert Einstein

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I believe that Einstein's letter to Phyllis Wright is majority rhetorically effective. First he himself, the speaker, is renowned as the greatest scientist of the twentieth century, so his response will be top notch since he is very well educated on the subject. Next the audience he writes to is a sixth grader, Phyllis Wright. He takes that into consideration in the very first sentence itself, where he states "I have tried to respond to your question as simply as I could." Throughout the rest of the letter, his context stays main on point. He gives legitimate information and answers Phyllis without bias, taking into consideration that Phyllis might be a christian. He even appeals to some parts of rhetoric. He appeals to logos in the 2nd paragraph stating "Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the actions of people." Another appeal to logos appears in the 3rd paragraph, "However, it must be admitted that our actual knowledge of these laws is only imperfect and fragmentary, so that, actually, the belief in the existence of basic all-embracing laws in Nature also rests on a sort of faith." That line there being read from Phyllis would give her a sense that Einstein isn't against faith by saying that science can prove everything since he states that it doesn't at all, and "rests on a sort of faith." I believe Einstein even appeals to Pathos in the entire last paragraph of the letter. The main thesis of the last paragraph Einstein conveys to Phyllis is that, even being a scientist, you believe in a higher spirit in the laws of nature, because those laws are so far above men it manifests a vast spirit that even scientists have to be humble to. That science itself has religious feelings of its own kind. With all this information, Einstein has wrote a great letter explaining to Phyllis if scientists pray, and if so what about.




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