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Albert Einstein Report

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Thanks to his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein became the most famous scientist of the 20th century. His scientific breakthroughs were so breathtaking then and still to this day, that his confused appearance and riot of white hair has become a symbolization of the term "genius". Albert Einstein claimed to mistrust authority but in reality he was an arrogant student who at all times tried to prove his teachers wrong. He was known for dismissing centuries of scientific practice only to then come up with theories of his own. Einstein was born in Germany where he loathed school teachings. He hated it so much he tried to skip out of it by taking early exams to enter into a Swiss Polytechnic University. Albert had intentions in becoming a physics teacher but with no luck ended up with a job as a clerk at Swiss Patent Office. The lost soul for a physician job then caught his break in 1905, which is named his "annus mirabilis" which is a Latin phrase meaning his wonder year.

Early Life

Albert Einstein was born March 14th 1879 in Ulm, Germany to a Jewish couple. At a young age he showed interest for science but was discontent with the standard of obedience at his Catholic School. At age 8 he attended Luitpold Gymnasium where he received advanced primary and secondary school education. Most of his education consisted of the study and reading he undertook on his own under the direction of his Uncle Jakob and young medical student and family friend Max Talmud. He read tons of science and philosophy books that put an end to his religious commitment. Einstein's interest for theories in physics began when he got a hold of his father's compass; he realized there had to be something causing the needle to move. From that day on he continued his reading and began to build models and mechanical devices and grew an interest in mathematics. Intelligence and curiosity did not, however, translate into great success in school.

Student & Clerk

Albert Einstein received mediocre grades and often found himself in trouble for rebelling against his teachers. At age 16 he wrote his first scientific paper titled "On the Investigation of the State of Ether in a Magnetic Field". That same year Einstein challenged himself into testing out of his last year of high school by taking early entrance exams for ETH, a prestigious Swiss Polytechnic University which he did not pass. After a year of boarding school Albert then received admission. At the age of 17 Albert Einstein enrolled in a mathematics and physics diploma course where he met and fell in love with his then wife. He graduated in the year 1900 and was highly interested in pursuing a career as a physics teacher. Ashamed to say nobody would hire him. The 22 year old Einstein skipped unemployment and took a tedious job as a clerk at the Swiss Patent Office. His job became a bit permanent after he took on a promotion after mastering machine technology. Einstein then started up a discussion group made up of him and a few friends. This group would meet up regularly to discuss philosophy. It was while working at the patent office and meeting with his group that Einstein made his most shocking and amazing discoveries. Albert Einstein reformed science as we know it today.

The Scientist

With just a pen, paper, and his brain to puzzle through the universes most fundamental problems, he seemed to have found revelatory solutions to some of physics' greatest mysteries.



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