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Alice Paul Case

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Essay Preview: Alice Paul Case

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Alice Paul

If it wasn't for Alice Paul, women would not have the right to vote. Alice was a very ambition and strong women. She graduated from University of Pennsylvania. Alive went to England to study more. There, she saw the tactics they used for their message to be heard. When she came back to U.S., she joined the National American Women's Suffrage Association. They were fighting for women's votes on a state-by-state level; whereas Alice believed they could do more on a federal level. So Alice, Lucy, and Crystal went to Washington D.C. to march in a parade that was to be held before the inauguration day President Wilson. When the men saw what the ladies were marching for, they got angry and did whatever it took to stop it. Soon, Alice broke away from the NAWSA and formed her own group called the National Women's Party. The National Women's Party protested in front of the white house, holding banners that spoke against Wilson. When WWI started, some felt it wasn't right to fight during wartime. The picketers got arrested and sent to jail. They were treated horribly in jail. The ladies then started a hunger strike. Alice Paul was force fed and even got called insane. Soon, the news broke out and their conditions in jail were exposed to the public. Everyone started creating sympathy for them. It got so crazy that President Wilson finally decided to support the suffragist. The 19th amendment was passed and women got the right to vote. Now I'm going to show you guys a clip from the movie "Iron Jawed Angles" which is based on what Alice went through to get the amendment passed. This scene is from when Alice was sent to a doctor because they thought she was mentally ill. (Iron Jawed Angles Part 10/12. Time 4:12)

I choose to show this clip because it shows what Alice was fighting for was the right thing. She wasn't ill; she was just fighting for what she believed in. Even till this day, women are treated like they're not as good as men. Women really don't get credited enough for everything we do. Just like the poems we read in class a week or two ago, women are capable of doing everything a man can plus more.

Even after the 19th amendment was passed, Alice didn't stop fighting. She wanted another amendment to be passed that called for equality of men and women. Unfortunetly, the amendment fell short of 3 votes.

Alice Paul died on July 9, 1977 in Moorestown, New Jersey just a few miles from where she was born. She will forever be remembered for everything she did to pass the 19th amendment.



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