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Alice Walker Case

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Essay Preview: Alice Walker Case

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Makia White

October 8, 2012

Analyzing Essays

As I read "everyday use" by Alice Walker; I realized that the authors meaning in this story is of objects that are passed down. In this story Dee Maggie and mama are the main characters and their different view on the heritage of quilts that their grandma and aunt made.

To begin with; Dee thinks that the quilts shouldn't be used for everyday use. Instead Dee wants to use the quilts as to show off her black heritage by showing them off by hanging them up to where everyone can see. Dee wants to do this because she wants to show how proud she was of her black heritage. I think Dee is really selfish by thinking her sister will not take care of the quilts and wear the out to where they are not usable. Also Dee thinks her sister and mother live like they were in the past. Dee also thinks they don't put themselves out in society because they in the past not the present.

Therefore mama thinks that Dee doesn't understand the meaning of the quilt or the word heritage. So mama thinks Maggie should have the quilts because she is not selfish and doesn't ask for anything she does not have. Mama at the time felt joyful as if Jesus reached down and touched her soul, as she reached over and took the quilts from Dee and put them into Maggie's lap as she sat there on the bed. I think mama was in the right for doing that because she stood up for what she thought should have happened. I also know that mama loves her children and worries about them. Because she is a mother and Maggie is shy and has not self-confidence. Also mama knows that Dee wants more from life than she has. This causes mama to worry about her children.

Although mama thinks Maggie should have the quilts, Maggie doesn't need something to remember her grandma and aunt with items, but just by the memory of knowing how to make the quilts. Maggie is my favorite character because she is not selfish and never puts herself before others. She is also a very flat character that never changes even as the story goes on. Maggie has sentimental values to the quilts because her grandma and aunt taught her how to make quilts. Maggie loves her mother and sister, but never says it. Maggie does not talk to anyone really unless she recognizes that they are from a picture she has from the past.

I conclude that mama, Dee, and Maggie have different views on heritage meaning of the quilts. Also the different sentimental values put in by their grandma and aunt, I also really enjoyed the book very much because it talks about the different views and how mama surprises every one with what she did; which is taking the quilts from Dee and putting them in Maggie's lap, as she sits on the bed.



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