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All First-Level Managers at Interclean, Inc.

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Essay Preview: All First-Level Managers at Interclean, Inc.

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Date: January 17, 2011

To: All First-level Managers at InterClean, Inc.

Re: Managerial Behavior

In todays every changing world, changes in the business sector does not fall behind. Every day there are improvements in technology and more competition between managers and corporations themselves. There will be a merger happening with EnviroTech, and with this change there is a need for every manager's support and dedication to ensure the execution of the transition is done smoothly. The reason for this memo is to discuss how manager's behavior can facilitate and support the productivity within the company, indicate types of management actions that are aligned with employment laws, and explain some of the best practices for working within a diverse environment.

As a manager we need to handle changes that occur within our environment to the best of our capabilities and training. As a First-level manager, behavior is observed by each employee and based on this behavior productivity may be affected positively or negatively. Productivity can be measured by observing your employees, attitudes, performance, and their attendance. Productivity increases when managers come in to work with positive attitudes. Employees tend to base their own attitudes based on what is around them, and it is essential as a manager to project a positive attitude to receive the same attitude in return. Those working around him or her will have a sense of comfort and well-being in their workplace, which increase productivity. Based on this kind of attitude, employee's performance and accuracy will maintain steady, and or increase. As a result of manager's positive behavior, we can also experience how employees attendance maintains a higher percentage because employees are more enthusiastic and willing to come into work. Productivity is not only the result based on machines but also what each worker contributes during each of their task. Therefore, attendance is crucial because without it productivity cannot be reached 100%. Several aspects should be considered when discussing how the managers behavior can affect the productivity of workers in his or her work environment. It is up to you, First-level managers, to ensure that we provide our employees a quality of work life that meets our employee's satisfaction. Our employees are our resource which allows us to continue reaching our corporate goals. As managers, we can only measure our own effectiveness as leaders when the goal and standards of what the productivity of our employees are met.

During the process of the merger and consequently the transitions, it is imperative to have clear what the management actions are that aligns with employment laws. It is important to keep in mind that just as our current employees may feel threatened,



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