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Alternate Ending to the Andromeda Strain

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Essay Preview: Alternate Ending to the Andromeda Strain

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Alternate ending to The Andromeda Strain

I am replacing where they send information to the past and try to fix the Strain on to the ending.

As the strain continued to get worse and worse, people throughout the entire United States continue to panic. The United States government has to try to find a way to calm America down. As a news forecast comes onto the television, everybody watches in great relief to hear that the strain has been contained and everything is alright.

A week later, the death toll continues to rise but people were not putting it together that the Andromeda has not actually been contained and it is still harming people. Vaccines are being created left and right to try to keep people from getting infected. Nothing that is being tried is working. Everyone who is infected begin to be taken to an isolated base in the dessert of Texas. There are families being split apart by this inhumane way of trying to fix the problem.

As a daughter is taken away from her family, the parents begin to think of a way to break their only daughter out. They start their journey to Texas from their peaceful house in the state of Iowa. As they make it to the front gate of the detainment center, they drive their car right through the gate. In doing so, they made it possible for all the other people held in captivity to escape. While these people ran free through the country, the infection started to spread even more rapidly than before. It spreads and infects every city in the United States. Slowly, the entire population begins to die off and soon, the people of the United States are nothing but history. One man single-handedly destroyed the United States.



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