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Altruism Case

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When I reflect upon myself I don't think of myself as an altruist but just simply as a person who wants to make a difference in the world. For example, on a non-school week I will volunteer a minimum of five days to the animal shelter, I donate my time because I know that I'm making a difference no matter how small it may be. Also, as I get older I want to continue changing the world and making a difference but on a far larger scale. I want to help out couples who have premature deliveries and save their child. I believe that saving a child's life that could someday be our future president, or scientist that may save our world from mayhem, or even just be a regular person, would be an amazing reward all on its own just for doing my job. All of my life I've loved helping others, and I have always put others before myself. When i see somebody who seems to need a friend or just seems lonely im always game to go sit with them or talk to them. Then later that day they may pass it on and it may just come back to me when i need it most in the future. Also if i see a stray animal that seems friendly i will always stop and take the time to make them feel safe with me so that i can bring them to the animal shelter where they will be provided with great and loving care full of warmth, and food and water to keep them happy. I always want other people to be happy, even if it means that I'm not. Therefore, as many people would put it I am an altruist.



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