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America About Its Pursuit for Energy

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Essay Preview: America About Its Pursuit for Energy

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Many debates erupt in America about its pursuit for energy. Some argue that America must reduce its dependence on oil and other fossil fuels by investing in alternative energy producers such as wind or solar. Others oppose and proclaim that Americans should search for oil within the countries landscape; this would avoid the expensive costs that would come with a massive change over to a "new power source." Both sides of the fence are completely right, America should reduce our dependence and work toward cleaner burning fuels and solutions. However, in the meantime with America's crippling economy we could use the extra jobs that would come with the installation of new systems, but the already trillion dollars deficient screams otherwise. Finding it within the countries boarders would reduce costs for Americans and also possibly double as an export to help balance the budget. Short-term dig for the loot in America, long term plan for the extinction of oil and begin installing newer efficient means for energy.

New energy systems will place jobs in America that would help the economy during the crisis state it is in. Costs would overwhelm the government budget and would send the already astronomical budget deficit over the top, which would without a doubt cripple America. America was once a mass production country that exported many items and flourished with a booming population, new energy systems would bring that status back. The types of interference many Americans face with a large changeover such as vehicles and their dependency on crude oil comes to the surface of an already oily topic. Crude oil an ever dwindling supply that depletes more rapidly than a solution is being formulated. Not every American is available to purchase a new vehicle that is powered by clean energy, not to mention the senior citizens that can hardly pay for his or her prescriptions from the pharmacy. The government cannot absorb a cost that the Americans themselves cannot pay for thus beginning a never-ending vicious cycle. If both plans were implemented over a course of 20 to 30 years Americas would surly regain their footing as well as bandaging America's financial wounds. Habits seen as hindering in this type of thinking are resistance to change and conformity. A resistance to change is the tendency to reject a new idea without examining them fairly; new energy sources are the prey to this type of bullying. Conformity is also seen as no one steps out of the box to take a stand, which is completely true of "sheepople" a word used to describe sheep and people, as sheep like conformist follow each other around without any ideas of change.

Overcoming these hindering viewpoints is a must for every American. Compromise look at the short-term issues as well as the long-term ones. A way of thinking is like a smoker of 20 years, once it is set is it very hard to kick a habit set in motion. However, by examining first impressions



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