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I Grew in America

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Chapter 5

I grew up here in America; I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I had live in Louisiana for 10 years, after that I finally came to Fort Smith, Arkansas and been living here for eight years now. It was kind of a good thing to me growing up in two different states I saw a whole lot of differences.

It was on a Sunday night when I was born my parent was living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana next down the street from my uncle house my dad's older brother. I use to remember while I was living there it was always hot outside and very country out where we had stay I was around five years old the youngest ones out of all my cousin; most of my cousin and uncles were the main people I grew up with there in Baton Rouge. Every summer I always go visit them because that one of my favorite place I grew up in.

I was around seven years old, my parents decided to move to New Iberia it was still in Louisiana, but like an hour away from Baton Rouge. We moved to a neighborhood that was surrounded by a Laotian community, this was another place I had grew up for awhile. The street that I had lived in is called Vientiane and the other half of my cousin stay around us. I remember the passing that neighborhood you would see people hanging outside almost every in their front yard. That time I mostly had to stay with my uncle both of my parents was working weekdays; my uncle would always take me out to neighborhood to see everybody. Till this day every time I visited everybody who lived in that neighborhood on the time that I grew up there, everyone haven't forgotten about me.

Ten years later I finally move to Arkansas where my entire mom's sister lived at. They reason why my parents decided to move was because my mother wanted to be closer to her sister s. while I was growing up in Arkansas I had two younger guy cousin and I was the oldest one. I also had two uncles who were also young about seven years apart I remember them telling what was good and bad. Then on I took their advice and growing up in Arkansas was very easy.

This is three place grew up there. I kind of missed living in Louisiana because it was better than Arkansas, But Arkansas am where I went to school at and most of my friends are. One day I might just move back to Louisiana.



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