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American Criminal Justice Systems - Court History and Purpose

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Essay Preview: American Criminal Justice Systems - Court History and Purpose

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Court History and Purpose

American criminal justice systems are compromised law abiding systems that follow a persons’ complaints through trial, punishment, and resolution. Three major roles in the American criminal justice system are played by police, courts, and corrections (The Role of the Courts, 2006). Police maintain order and enforce criminal law; courts provide a space where those accused of violating the law can dispute and defend their natural rights while corrections ensure public safety—where individuals appointed a punishment can be held under parole or monitored under a state assigned jail or prison. However as complex, the court system may become, there is still an aim to ensure an equal enforce of law to all citizens.

The Purpose of a Court

A court is a space appointed by the government where individuals resolving a dispute can enter and claim their defense. In a court, the justice system upholds the rule of law–court decisions follow the law and evidence provided by the individual. Courts are mainly used as a form of structure and organization between two parties to determine civil matters, establish government rules and provide punishment to those affected parties (The Dual Court System, n.d.). Courts conclude what happens in a situation or dispute between two parties and what they should do about it. They aid to individuals seeking legal guidance and resolutions.

The Dual Court System

Dual court systems are the idea of two separate litigation departments effective in both state and national levels. Today, our judiciary system is made up of the dual court system. With two levels of court jurisdictions, the United States can disperse upon court hearings to its maximum court of action necessary. On a state level the trials heard involve civil and criminal cases; with the inclusion of family and juvenile actions. While in Federal case, a jury is dealing with more specialized criminal cases including bankruptcy, international trade, and federal claims. It is always possible for state-appointed cases to land in a federal court of law (and vice versa) when points of evidence or trial need to be answered a federal question or when all appeal in the state courts have been used up. Similarly, both report to the US Supreme court on a final court of appeal.

The Role of Courts

The role courts play in the criminal justice systems today is the one of the problem solver. It is the neutral arbiter who is not swayed by neither disposition and directs individuals to follow forms of law. Today, the court system promotes equality in forms that all individuals have an equal right to counsel and a right to a jury trial. —“The primary purpose of all these protections is to ensure a fair trial for the accused” (Reuters, 2017, 2). Often, courts are called on to draw a



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