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American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a crucial time period in history. Britain began ignoring their policies on the new world colonies, enforcing unfair taxes, and violating civil principles. The American colonists were fed up, and emancipated themselves from the tyrannical British powers. Once freed from Britain's control, the Americans were desiring changes, and knew they must unify quickly, to accept these new policies. They were successfully satisfied with their political goals, had a troublesome time with their economy, and were far less successful in their civil and social changes.

After first breaking away from Britain, Americans wanted their new government to have no resemblance to Britain's parliament. There would be no abuse administered by the government, yet there had to be a strong-hold on the people, as discussed by James Madison in The Federalist Papers (Document I). The only unification of the new states was the Articles of Confederation, which was not strong enough to uphold the federal government (OI). Because of this, the federalists proposed a Constitution, which was soon ratified, along with the Bill of Rights. However, the Chickasaw Indians were not pleased with the newly ratified country. In 1783 a message was given to Congress from the Chickasaw Chiefs. It was expressed that there was an interest of friendship with the colonies (Document C). There was little to no contact given back to the Indians. They later wrote a speech given at the Confederate Council of their disappointment with the United States(Document E). They had wanted to be involved with the Treaty of Paris, but saw that they were not invited. By the federal government ignoring the Indians, the Indians were anxious about any further relations with the United States (OI).

America's economy was unstable during and after the independence movement. The Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of Agriculture in 1786, handed out a medal, which said,

"Venerate the Plough" (Document F). This portrays that agriculture is dominating the economy. Many men were trying to start new farms, especially in Massachusetts, but the government wouldn't allow it.. In 1786, thousands of Massachusetts men took their grievances, and revolted against their newly formed state government, called Shay's Rebellion (OI). Abigail Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson in 1787, about this rebellion. She relaid, that the men were either demanding paper currency or equal distribution of property (Document G). Because of this rebellion, Alexander Hamilton's economic plan included a part which stated that the federal government would assume all state's war debts, allowing the Massachusetts people to cool their tempers. (OI)

During and after the Revolution, women, and slaves were both still oppressed in the American society. American men still depended on the women to fulfill their goal of Republican Motherhood, which is to instill



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