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The Start of the American Revolution

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Essay Preview: The Start of the American Revolution

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The colonists' feeling towards the British ruling them was that they felt they were being treated unfairly. The colonist kept being unnecessarily taxed with acts such as the Stamp Act, and The Sugar Act. These acts did not go over well with the colonists and also did not generate enough revenue to be useful. The Sugar Act itself cost four times more to administer than the money it yielded. All of these acts that the colonists had no say in brought up the thought that taxation without colonial representation violated their rights and had to come to an end. In response to the Stamp Act and the tyrannical rule of parliament the Sons of Liberty was formed. The Sons of Liberty hung an effigy of Boston's stamp office from a tree and later that evening they destroyed the office by setting it on fire. Scared for their lives the Boston stamp office quit and on the day the Stamp Act was to go in motion it was nonexistent. Soon England would put upon more taxes to the colonies that increased the conflict between the two. Lord North created the Tea Act of 1773 to try and revive the East India Company, which had several warehouses in the ports of Boston. With the Tea Act it let the company go straight to America without paying any taxes and at the same time cracked down on American smuggling of Tea. On December 16, 1773 men dressed as Indians, now know as the Boston Tea Party, boarded three ships and threw 342 chests of tea overboard. In response, Lord North created the Coercive Acts that were supposed to make an example out of Boston but just made the other colonies even more furious. The colonies banded together and created the Declaration of Independence.



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