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Honors World History Ch. 18 Essay Assignment - American Revolution

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Essay Preview: Honors World History Ch. 18 Essay Assignment - American Revolution

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The American Revolution was led up by many accomplishments. Ideas of the Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution, and Age of Exploration opened many doors to gain more knowledge about the world. These significant factors were the causes of the American Revolution.

In the Age of Exploration, the silk road was blocked by the Ottoman Turks. Merchants then began looking for a route to East Asia. By trying to find another way to Asia, an explorer came across the New World. Claudius Ptolemy's maps was discovered in 1475 by the Europeans. These maps made it easier for voyagers to explore the world. During the Age of Exploration, Christopher Columbus decided to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. North America was discovered and colonies were established.

The Scientific Revolution included many important things that were discovered. Beginning in the 1400s, knowledge of exploration was improved. Better charts, maps, and navigational instruments helped voyagers reach different parts of the world. Scientists later classified new animals, plants and diseases throughout different parts of the world. Medicine was modified and that led to fewer deaths during the American Revolution. Health was better recognized and cared for.

The Enlightenment was a significant factor in bringing on the American Revolution. An English thinker named, John Locke, wrote books about natural laws and made the framers of the constitution realized that if they took away people's natural rights, the people had the right to revolt. Natural rights, being the rights that all humans are born with. Montesquieu, a French thinker, also published a book about government. It suggested that the government should be divided into three sections. The framers thought it was a great idea and used it in the constitution. The Enlightenment also influenced the American Revolution in other ways also.

The American Revolution was led up by the Age of Exploration, the Scientific Revolution, and Ideas of the Enlightenment. The American Revolution was an outcome of the Enlightenment Ideals that emphasized the ideas of natural rights and equality. People's liberty should be protected by the law, this influenced the thinking of leaders during the American Revolution.



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