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Americas Form of Foundation

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America’s Form of Foundation

In a span of 25 years, the east coast of North America went from a group of colonies ruled by the British empire to an empire in its own right; an empire of liberty. Many factors helped to create this new nation, the United States of America, but none more than the updates and changes to the colonies social, economic, and political system. Over the course of 25 years the people manage to eliminate social classes, build a national bank, and create a system of government in which people could represent themselves; a democratic society.

Social changes during the Revolutionary period involved altering the way that the British social system was set up. In Britain there was such a thing as social classes. People were born into a class with no mobility for anyone to move upward. The social system after the Revolution allowed for people to move freely and seek success through the idea of the American Dream. “ No state shall deprive any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”(Pg.181). Immigrants felt more welcome to come to america and see what it had to offer. People were able to choose their life, make their own choices, and turn dreams into reality, where as before they were born into a class and were not able to leave it. If you were born as a farmer you were always a farmer.

Economic changes during the Revolutionary period involved changing the way trade was done because they were only doing trade with Britain and the colonies were only buying manufactured products from Britain. The British controlled the economy through the mercantilism system. Trade after the revolution was more efficient. The country was trading within the nation without being interrupted by Britain. The south and north started using each other’s raw materials and turning them into industrialized products. After the Revolution, Americans were less reliant on foreign countries to aid them with manufactured products. Southern America had really good agriculture, enabling the country to be self sufficient on farming needs. The national bank had helped regain the country financially after the war. It also held a currency that was now used all across america instead of each state obtaining their own form of currency.

Prior to the Revolution, America was ruled by Britain. Great Britain’s form of government was a monarchy. America wanted change politically, which meant straying from Britain’s monarchy and changing their society to a democratic rule. The nation evolved forming a federal government with three branches that are given power but have different responsibilities. The three branches were used as checks and balances to avoid a strong central government. The Constitution was a huge role that was produced during the Revolution. The Constitution contained rights and amendments that are



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