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An Analysis of Trade Union in Recent Era

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Essay Preview: An Analysis of Trade Union in Recent Era

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This study report is on ““An Analysis of Trade Union in Recent Era” and it primary objective is “to analyze the recent era of trade union” and secondary objectives are 1) To analyze the History of Trade Union 2) To analyze the data regarding the Recent Era (2010 To 2015) of Trade Union 3) To analyze the problems or issues regarding the trade unions. The research is based on the secondary data. The sources are used for gathered the data is news reports, 2nd edition of labour and industrial law, P.K.Padhi, journals, research papers etc. for classifying the recent era the period is consider year 2010 to 2015.

From the 1996 emerging era of trade union to till 2015 the ratio of total nuber of trade unions is too much down forward.

The data which are collected of year 2010 to 2015 is all about the real trade unions issue happened on that time. The finding or the result come out is that most of the issues face by workers and the reason of trade unions go on strike is exploitation of contract labour, still basic amenities are not provide by the organization, the reputed firms are more exploiting their workers. Government and management are just following the law etc.

From the study analysis the suggestions are for all 3 parties trade unions (worker), organization and government. Some suggestions are like collective bargaining and Tripartite Consultation are the process which can useable for all and give peaceful result. Other suggestion are like all central trade union being combine and raise the voice against protection of employees rights. Government is ultimate power or law so they should take care about the protection of the workers and charge the higher penalty to the organization.

The conclusion of this study is in a year 1996 emerge the trade union and now running the year 2015,from the 1996 to 2015 the trade union ratio has too much down forward and it was good for the country because now organizations are take their employee as their valuable assets but here some points are still require being notice that the firms who are well reputed and on large scale like Hyundai, Bajaj, coco cola, Asian paint, Maruti Suzuki, HUL, Sanmina, Nokia and Hindustan Motors, TVS are doing more exploitation of the worker. Another point is recently highest issue is exploitation of contract workers. They don’t get proper basic amenities as well as face inequality in wages for same nature of work. The central trade unions are also playing good role for protecting the rights of workers. But the government and the organization are just focus on to follow the law only not beyond as social responsibility or taking care as human. Still the exploitation of worker are issue for the country and if it’s being increased than there are the more chance for increase the number of trade union and its shows that industries are just doing show off like providing the welfare facilities and CSR activity. And not being ethical in nature.

November 2015, EPRA international journal of economic and business review, research on ‘trade union in the new economic environment of India’ done by almas sultana, department of commerce, aligarh Muslim university, Aligarh, UP. The periods consider is 1992 to 2013 as new economic environment of India. He conclude that by making the employer excessively powerful, the new economic environment has affected the interest of Indian worker and their unions adversely . the VRS and exist policy being incrementally adopted to retrench worker and to close down seek units, rendering many people jobless Apart from that, regular job are being casualized steadily which have further aggravated the suffering of the union.

Das and manimala (1997) in their paper entitled “are unions relevant in today’s global economy? a snapshot towards a managerial attitudes towards union in India” emphasized in relevance of trade union in today’s economy. the main aim of this paper was to investigate managerial attitude toward unions and efforts taken in some organization to maintain congenial relation with union. The data have been collected from 80 managers working in various industries through self administer questionnaire based on liker’s six point scale and to analyze the data parametric and non parametric test were conducted. The result revealed that the top manager hold more anti-union attitude as compare to middle level manger and firms policy regarding employees and union was also found to be related to managerial confidence to complete in today’s market place.

Kuruvila, das, kwon and kwon (2000) in their paper entitled “ trade union growth and decline in Asia” assessed the growth decline and prospect for renewal of trade union in selected Asian country namely, china, India, Korea Singapore Japan. The author examine the union density and union influence on the basis of level coverage of collection bargaining and explain the diverse national pattern of union growth and decline in the selected country. The result on the basis of secondary data, indicate through there is a variation in union density and level of trade union influence within Asia, all country experience union decline in 1990s.

In October 2015, Nishith Desai Associates (NDA) published their research article “India: Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining”. In that research paper all updating about trade unions, central trade unions and collective bargaining and they conclude that trade unions now play a major role in employee welfare activities, cultural programs and banking and medical facilities and by creating awareness through training and educating the members of the trade union.

 Problem Statement

“An Analysis of Trade Union in Recent Era”

 Objective of Research

 Primary Objective

To analyse the recent era of trade union

 Secondary Objective

To analyse the History of Trade Union

To analyse the data regarding the Recent Era (2010 To 2015) of Trade Union

To analyse the problems or issues regarding the trade unions

 Research design

“Research design is the plan, structure, and strategy of investigation convinced so as obtained answer to research questions and to control variance”.

 Exploratory research design

An Analysis of Trade Union in Recent Era is subject to the



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