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An Emotional Rollercoaster

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The classroom was as noisy as a fish market. Some students were running around and screaming like wild dogs without leashes, some were chatting non-stop and some were tidying their lockers. I covered my ears; I couldn't focus on my homework.

All of a sudden, the class went into complete silence. I looked up and saw our form teacher Mr. Allen. We greeted him and he managed some class affairs and made a few announcements. To my great surprise, he called out my name. I walked towards him and he handed me a piece of paper. I looked down at the paper in my hand. I was petrified. "Please go to the headmistress' office on the third floor immediately after school today." I couldn't believe what I saw. As I walked back to my seat, my eyes were brimmed with tears and my lips were quivering. I bit my lips and looked up, trying to blink away the tears.

My classmates seemed to notice what was happening, they gathered around me and asked a lot of questions. I was still in the state of shock so I didn't answer them. However, one of them caught sight of the paper. She started telling people. Clearly, they didn't need an explanation from me.

I prepared my books for my next lesson; I could feel my hands shaking. I walked down the hall towards my classroom. I tried to focus on reaching the room but instead I could feel the eyes of my classmates upon me. The hallway seemed to go forever; the shiny white tile floor loomed in front of me. The whispers of my classmates closed in around me bounding over the closed wooden doors of other classes and stark off blue cement walls.

I startled, ready to run as each locker creaked open or slammed shut like the doors of prison punishing me. Finally I made it to the classroom safe but my thoughts bounced through my head. Did they talk about me? The last lesson seemed to last forever, I couldn't concentrate throughout the entire class. I was restless with anxiety and my stomach was churning. I couldn't relax at all.

The school bell peals. Pens and pencils were hurriedly pushed into their cases. Files click shut, satchels snap and chairs desks got dragged aside. My heart skipped a beat. It was the end of school. I packed my school bag as slow as I could. It felt like I was going to be executed.

As I walked to the headmistress' office, every single step was very heavy; it seemed to take a billion years to arrive at the office. I reported to the secretary and she told me to wait outside. I paced up and down restlessly. I waited, but there were butterflies in my stomach. So, I sat down on the bench. I couldn't sit still, my palms were sweating and I could feel my heart pounding.

"You may go in."

I took a deep breath to steady my racing heart



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