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An Essay Comparing the Eastern and Western Byzantine

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Essay Preview: An Essay Comparing the Eastern and Western Byzantine

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The Han dynasty empire was so big.It was the last stronge empire to collaspe and fall apart.Their were so many reasones why the Han dynasty fell apart.From what I have seen from the graphic organizer each problem led to the other.Until it became more than one major problem and the people of the empire couldn't slove them anymore so it just collasped.Three of the major problems that led to the collaspe of the Han dynasty was,financial problems,military problems,and natural disasters.

The Han government faced many serious financial problems.Farmers were unable to pay their taxes because there farms where small and less profitable.This caused the government a problem,they were not geting enough taxes.They were unable to pay for services such as the military.Many poor farmers gave up their farmes to wealthy landowners and became the landowner's vassal.Wealthy landowners became more rich because the poor farmers were becoming poorer.Wealthy landowners and their vassals did not have to pay taxes.Which meant that the government was not geting any taxes from rich or poor.The Han government's main source was taxing and they were not geting enough taxes which led to the collapse of the Han economy.Which made the hackneyed between the rich and the poor grow more.

The Han dynasty was in major military problems. Xiongnu confederacy were geting payed by the Han officals to not attack chinese lands and to not get in there way while trading.The Xiongnu confederacy were split into to sections.The south section was closest to border of China so they were the ones who took the payment for the entire confederation.Which meant that most of the governments money was being wasted on the Xiongnu so that they dont attack.The northern Xiongnu section decided to attack the southern Xiongnu and Hen because they were not geting payed.Also Xiongnu tribes were no longer geting payed their share by the chinese government.The Han dynasty was falling into many problems by the Xiongnu,they were unable to pay them which meant that they were going to get attacked by them.Due to the split of the Han imperial court into factions,everyone was trying to take over the government.Which made the emperors unable to take control over the factions.The generals of Han were becoming more hard and independent to control by the government.

The Han dynasity was being hit by many natural disasters.It's popluation was increasing rapidly which concluded in deforestation of large areas of land.The results of cutting down trees led to two major floods in the first 200 years CE and also in the next 200 years there were forthy floods.The floods of the Huang He river caused people to run away for their lives.The trade silk roads began to spread contagious diseases around China.Which led to the decrease of the popluation of China from 60 million to 45 million.people were becoming hungry,they only found strips of leaves and fruit.




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