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Compare and Contrast Essay

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Think of the two most drastically different things you know of, and compare them to each other. Really, really think about it. If you do, you will eventually come to find out that they may have more similarities than you thought at first. Take this paper for instance, comparing two completely different things, the 2010 television program My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the futuristic survival horror video game Dead Space. The two, while they may seem completely different, actually have many more fundamental similarities that the untrained mind might not spot.

For instance, quite a few of the characters in both the program and the video game are actually quite similar. Take the main characters of both series, Twilight Sparkle, a young, bookish, purple female pony who simply gets "Relocated" from her home town to a new home in a different city, and finds that she must learn to live and cooperate with the others there, and Isaac Clarke, a young, but experienced, futuristic biomedical engineer who soon finds himself fighting a relentless battle for his life against twisted, horrible "Animals" known as Necromorphs, during the course of which he slowly goes insane and develops severe schizophrenia. While these two being similar in any way whatsoever sounds absolutely absurd, they are actually quite alike in many ways, including that they are both very intelligent. This is repeatedly shown in each of their actions, personalities, etc. and in that they each successfully manage to overcome the obstacles placed before them, and, in Isaac's case, even through career. Each of them must repeatedly use this intelligence to get themselves out of sticky situations, ranging from finding a solution to a problem before you are dismembered completely, to something as simple as mere disorganization. As another example, consider two other major characters, Rainbow Dash, a light blue Pegasus pony with a rainbow colored mane and tail, and Sergeant Zach Hammond, the gruff commander of Isaac's squad. Both are very sure of themselves and their abilities, sometimes too sure, especially in Hammond''s case, as he ends up having his leg ripped off just below the waist

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and quickly bleeds to death, as he was too foolish to retreat when he and Isaac (who survives) were being attacked by several Necromorphs, including a brute, which is what killed him. This is seen with Rainbow Dash as well, when, for instance, she fashions a launcher out of wood, using an almost catapult-like design, that requires another pony to jump on a platform opposite her, which would supposedly launch her into the air at speeds higher than when she takes off on her own. The launcher ends up throwing her into the air in a long arc, off balance, eventually bringing her crashing into Twilight's balcony.

A second similarity between the two media pieces would be the



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