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Compare and Contrast Essay - Music and Books

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Essay Preview: Compare and Contrast Essay - Music and Books

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Music and books are not a direct comparison usually, however young people as well as older individuals both have a solid giving us positive and negative feelings or expressions, while books stimulate mental journeys and expand awareness. Music is more favored than books due to its merits. While books use eyes to pass on the information, music uses the best medium which is sound. An individual has to be somewhat educated to read a book and effectively comprehend what they are reading, however a person only has to be able to understand the language used by the song artist to be able to get the message in music.

The meaning and significance of music to people appears to be connected to their psychosocial development in some ways, enabling and empowering them (Cheong-Clinch, 2009). Music is a leading part of youth culture that influences the style, identity, and sense of community among young people (New York University Press, 2009). While music has brought confidence and comfort to some young people, Books encourage almost the same thing. Despite the creation of entertainment technology and content, children still go to books for education, encouragement and even simple recreation (Marketing Week, 2004).

We will listen to the music we love numerous times over the course of our lives. Nevertheless, we will still have the chance to listen to new pieces of music. Books, on the other hand, entail a larger portion of our time; a favorite book is reread at the cost of reading something new. While I can probably count about 30-35 books that I have read more than once over the time of a lifetime, I can think of only five that I have read three or more times. Music is global, it travels through the waves of radio and is more often listened to by people, less people will take the time to search books in the web unless they are under very pressing conditions. Music is something that will never go away, so in some ways people can see how it influences individuals. There are books that can also influence a person's life such as biographies and gangster books, so they both do the same thing it's just that music is straighter to the point, opposed to a book where a person would have to read in between the lines to get the proper message the book is trying to convey.



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