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Analysis of Juveniles in Green Haven

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Essay Preview: Analysis of Juveniles in Green Haven

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Adams and Martin

A Report Submitted to Dr. Gregory Adams

in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Sociology 440

Southern Connecticut State University

New Haven, Connecticut

May 2010


I have been hired by a child advocacy agency to examine data that can provide information about what is happening with children and adolescents within the adult criminal justice system. The agency provided me with data that was collected from the Department of Justice years ago. From this data and running multiple test including tables, ANOVA, TTEST, CORRELATION, and REGRESSION, I will have a better understanding about the fairness of treating young people as adults and their experiences within the criminal justice system. I will provide information about the violence in the target population, about the treatment of girls, as opposed to boys within the system, and about the treatment of minority groups within Green Haven.

My goal is to investigate the data in order to help the city of Green Haven recognize the problems that could be effecting this population - children in the adult criminal justice system. The test and interpretations in this report will help the City better understand the cause of children being transferred to adult court and help them to take the right steps to minimize this issue in the future.


Before running the appropriate test, I looked at the data and chose which variables I felt would be the biggest impact. These variables were sex, race, age at arrest, crime committed, and sentence.


23.68 percent of the populations in this data are white and 74.14 percent are black. 95.75 percent are male and 4.25 are female.


This shows that .31 percent of children are under the age of 14. 7.18 percent of the children are 14 years old. 19.40 percent are 15 years old. 30.19 percent are 16 years old. 39.43 are 17 years old. 2.93 are 18 years old. .37 percent are between 19 and 21 years old and .19 are between 22 and 30 years old.


41.59 percent of juvenile charges were serious and excluded from juvenile court.


39.06 percent of the children were sentenced to time in prison.

10.62 percent of the children were sentenced to probation.

10. 68 percent were sentenced to restitution.

.28 percent of the children had their drivers license suspended.

1.54 of the children was sentenced to boot camp.

21.12 children were sentenced to the maximum time in prison.

7.12 percent of the children were sentenced to the minimun time in prison.

.57 percent were sentenced to a curfew with no



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