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Analysis of “speak” - Dead Frogs

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Essay Preview: Analysis of “speak” - Dead Frogs

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Analysis of “Speak”

In “Dead Frogs, Anderson uses the technique of symbolism to express Melinda’s internal conflict of reliving her rape through the dissection of the frog. In Ms.Keen’s class, the students are dissecting a frog to enhance their knowledge of biology. Melinda and David are given a dead female frog to dissect that Melinda automatically relates to. When Melinda states that, ”David pin the frog’s hands down..”(Anderson,81). This reminds Melinda of the night that Andy held his hands over Melinda’s, immobilizing her regardless of how hard she tried to fight back. With the dead frog, David Petrakis is pinning down a frog preventing it from moving this is how Melinda felt at the party. In addition, David is a male like Andy which strengthens Melinda’s flashback to that night. As Melinda continues to relive her flashback she expresses that, “The frog doesn’t say a word because she is already dead..”(Anderson,81). After Melinda’s rape, she was in shock which prevented her from coming forward. Melinda called the cops before stumbling home, taking a shower, and going to sleep. After that moment, Melinda was berated by her peers for her actions this further isolated her and prevented her from coming forward. In a sense, Melinda is “dead”. She no longer talks, has friends, or enjoys her life. Much like her, the frog is dead and can no longer do anything this is exactly how Melinda feels since the night of her rape. Since Melinda views herself as the frog she continues so see similarities between herself and the frog as David continues to dissect it. In conclusion, Anderson uses the technique of symbolism in “Dead Frogs” to show Melinda’s continuing internal conflict of coming to terms with her rape.



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