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Andrea Yates Case

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Andrea Yates was born on July 2, 1964 in Houston Texas. She worked as a registered nurse and met her husband, Rusty, when they were both 25 years old. The family lived in a small trailer before where they raised three boys, and gave birth to a fourth. People believe that the lack of space was reasoning for Andreas fall into insanity. Andrea became overly interested in a minister named Michael Woroniecki and the things that he preached. He was said to preach that "the role of women is derived from the sin of Eve and that bad mothers who are going to hell create bad children who will go to hell." Her obsession with this began to worry her family.

In June of 1999, Andrea tried to commit suicide. She took an excessive amount of pills. He was hospitalized and diagnosed with major depressive disorder, but she was released from the hospital within two weeks. She was prescribed anti-depressants that she refused to take once she was out of the hospital. As a result of this she began to neglect her children, as well as herself. She wouldn't et or feed the boys. She claimed they were over eating. She started to have hallucinansions where she believed people were watching her in her own home and people were talking to her through her television. In late July, She made a second attempt at suicide. She stabbed herself in her neck and asked Rusty to just let her die. She was re-hospitalzed and she was in a catatonic stage for ten days. She was given a variety of different drugs as well as prescribed a different anti depressant. These procedures seemed to bring her back to normal.

Rusty decided to buy a home, hoping that would help her cope with her problems. Doctors warned the Yates' that having more children could cause Andrea's disorder to resurface, but they didn't listen and their first daughter was born in November of the following year. Andrea stopped taking all of her medications. In March Andreas father died and she was set back into unusual behaviors. She wouldn't eat, drink, and she began to read the bible frantically. She was hospitalized for ten days and again, she was released.

Once Rusty returned to work Andrea went overboard. She filled the families bathtub with water and drowned her youngest the boys, Paul, Luke, and John. She followed with their daughter Mary. She took the three boys and laid them on her bed, But left Mary floating lifeless in the bathtub. The oldest son Noah, who was seven years old saw Mary in the bathtub and asked his mother what was wrong. She then continued to drown her first born son. Once she was finished with that she took Mary out of the tub and laid her with her three brothers on her bed, But left Noah in the bathtub.

Her Trial lasted for three weeks. She admitted to this crime but claimed she did it because she was a bad mother and her children weren't developing correctly. She was charged with capital murder and sentenced to life in prison.



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