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Android Phones Vs Apple Iphones

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Essay Preview: Android Phones Vs Apple Iphones

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Android Phones Vs Apple IPhones

These days when checking out phones for your next upgrade purchase there has been a common question, which one is better, the iPhone or an Android phone? The Android based phones have a better operating system, and more variety than the iPhone for consumers to choose from. When choosing yours which one will you go for?

First off we are going to go through and compare the operating systems of each brand of phone. Most people don't really know what they are looking at when it comes to the specs of a phone, so we won't spend too much time focusing on this before moving to the stuff that really matters. The iPhone runs off of the iOS which is an operating system that is specifically made for Apple products, and isn't on a free flow market. While the Android system can be found on many other brands of phones like HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and so on. The Android also works on an open source operating system that is free to consumers, and speech is more integrated into the system than Apple, which uses third party products from Vlingo which isn't as accurate (Savino, Kathleen, p. 27-30). Apples iOS is also very rigid about what they allow into the market, where Android gives you the flexbility as the owner of the phone to put what you want.

Next we are going to go over some of the actual features that are available on each of the available phones. When it comes to the iPhone, you have only the iPhone itself to choose from. So you will get the touch screen which is 3.5in, holds 8GB of memory, a 5.0 megapixel camera, music player, wifi/Bluetooth capable, and a Siri voice assistant. When you are making Android your choice it will depend on which phone carrier you are with what phones you have available. The most popular to date is the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket. This particular phone has a 4.5in touch screen, 8.0 megapixel camera, music player, wifi/Bluetooth, can be a mobile hotspot for your computer, 16 GB built in memory, and can have a card inserted that adds up to 32 GB of memory to the phone. If you are going on these two phones alone, it would be pretty clear that the Android is winner hands down. However that is just it with the Android software you don't have to only go off of this phone, you may choose out of a wide variety of phones for which ever fits you best. With the Apple you only have the iPhone, so if it doesn't fit you then you have no other options.

Finally we will look at the internet capability of each system. The iPhones system can only run at a max of 3.1 mbps, when an Android phone can go to a max of 42mbps on a 4G system (Savino, Kathleen, p. 27-30). iPhones on Sprints mobile market have not been able to function properly on a 4G network. This renders it only capable of picking up the 3G modes, but appears to work fine on AT&Ts network. Most of the newer Android phones are now 4G capable,



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