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Animal Abuse

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Angelos Liasides Assignment 2 ENG103C

Animal Abuse

In our age, people enjoy having a pet at home for reasons such as releasing stress or having an extraordinary cute little creature as a family member.On the other hand there are those people who harm and violate animals.While I detest the acts of violence,what is animal abuse,why should animal abuse be stopped and how to stop it is a good question to a lot of people.

Animal Abuse is unfortunately a common act in the cities of Cyprus.But what is animal abuse? Although animal cruelty is the malicious or intentional maiming, mutilation, torture or wounding of a living animal,many people have different clarifications of what is considered animal cruelty. Identifying abuse or neglect can be harder than it seems.For example if a dog is is bound in the back yard of the house while his owner is providing food,water and shelter it cannot be interpreted as animal cruelty.Even so,in my opinion it is not the correct way of handling your beloved pet.If you really feel like having a pet you should treat it with care while providing what is necessary for it to live.

Cruelty to animals should be stopped.Why? First of all humans and technology have evolved to a level where animal cruelty is unnecessary and pointless. We have alternate modes of doing things after centuries of development which do not involve harming animals.Secondly,as the species with "higher brain power", we have a moral obligation to treat animals with respect and kindness.Animals may not have the same brain power but they have feelings and emotions too.Lastly,there are proven scientific links between animal abuse and human mental illness.As a result those who do abuse animals are ignorant and more likely to commit violent crimes against humans.

Animals and pets suffer from abusive people because it gives them a sense of power.I'm against this and I have some ideas for stopping this cruelty.First of all we should contact an animal charity for advice based on the laws of our country.As a result we can get the european university to raise money to stop this insensitiveness.Another idea is to look out for the animals in our neighbourhood and notice any possible indicator of abuse.As an example, that dog next door who was once chubby has lost weight rapidly.Finally we should teach children to respect animals.Respecting animals needs to start at a young stage of life so animal abuse extincts in the future.

Having in mind the cruelties that happen to animals in our days,we should start doing something about it.Animals brethe in this world too,so saving them from the heartlessness of these people is a requierment for a better animal life.



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