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Animal Farm Die

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Napoleon's diary

Dear Diary,

Today all the animals were called to a meeting in the barn by old major, he wanted to talk to all of us. He made a speech about how the humans were using us. The cows have their milk taken by the humans every day; the chickens also have their eggs stolen from them. He said that unless we rebel, humans will just keep taking more. In the end everyone was so inspired that we all sung 'Beast of England'.

Old Major said he would die soon because he was old. That got me thinking, who could take his role as leader of all the animals? I could, I could have power and control. Old Major had talked about kicking the humans out, and that's what we'll do. All they do is whip us and take advantage of us. I would run Mr. Jones off this farm; I would lead them to freedom. Imagine the respect I would gain!

Dear Diary,

Today and we burnt anything that reminded us of humans. And again all the animals joined in singing 'Best of England.' Manor Farm has changed a lot. The name now is Animal Farm as humans are forbidden. We have set up commandments for all to live by on animal farm.

Snow Ball thinks he can take charge of this farm! I don't think Snow Ball is good enough. I caught Snow Ball planning a wind mill that will produce energy for the farm. I would be a much better leader. I would advance the farm if I were leader. Squealer is a nice little character; I think he will make a great side kick. He wanted my protection and a share in power of the farm. I have been training those cute dogs for a while. I think they will help me overrun Snow Ball for the animals benefit.

Dear Diary,

Today the Mr. Jones and his human friends came back to try and take over. I told all the animals to hide in the cow sheds and jump out from different directions and attack. I felt confident and knew we would conquer, even if it meant a few sacrifices. Boxer the sturdy, strong-minded, faithful horse truly lived by his motto 'I will work harder!' and protected Animal Farm. Boxer killed one of the humans trying to save snowball. He was extremely upset. Although he was angry, I deep down was proud of him for the heroic act that he made. I told him that no good human is a living one. I think he will be alright though.

Dear Diary,

When I look back at the attack of the cow shed I smile at what a success



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