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Rankin, Paul. "Hemmingway's Hills Like White Elephants." The Explicator 63.4(2005):234+. Academic One File Web. 26Oct.2011.

The author joins other writers in being very critical of Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants. There is a good introduction to the issue at hand. I feel that this piece is geared towards a general audience and not necessarily a specialized one. The author was very critical regarding the story, yet not overly so. Mr. Rankin who was the author of this particular article did the best that he could in my opinion to balance his personal experiences and beliefs with what was going on in the story. The author did a good job of showing how the story conveyed the fact that the man featured in the story had an inferiority complex. It was very important to this author to look back and forth in the story to place exchanges in their full context. Mr. Rankin felt that the story brought individuals to the brink of enlightenment. One of the things that I particularly like was the author broke the story down in the simplest terms so that even individuals who had never read the story could grasp what the story was about. This piece will contribute to my project because it has great balance and because it emphasizes the how he is not talking to Jig and how he is simply disregarding her feelings and emotions

Link. Alex. "Staking everything on it: a stylistic analysis of linguistic patterns in 'Hills Like White Elephants'.'' The Hemingway Review 23.2 (2004):66+ Academic One File. Web. 26 Oct. 2011

This author took himself too seriously. There was a lot of language within this article that I simply did not understand. The author Mr. Link was reviewing the book from a "stylistic analysis of linguistic patterns". Despite the fact that I felt the article was pretty boring and was probably meant for a particular specialized audience there are a couple of points that the author made that I can relate to within the story and that I too picked up on while reading the story. At the beginning of the essay Mr. Link states that the story Hills Like White Elephants is a story where "if taken literally, a story in which little actually "happens". For me it was all about the approach that I took when starting to read. The second thing that he stated within his essay was in my opinion was that if you really read and tried to understand the story, you could relate to the way the words of Hemingway were conveyed throughout the story emphasizing the emotions, feelings, and passion that was being felt by both individuals. Even if the unidentified male did not necessarily convey these open. The jury is still out on whether I will use this or not, but If I do choose it as a piece I feel it can directly relate to emotions, thoughts, feelings impact a relationship. The main point of this essay was the linguistic patterns of the Hills Like White Elephants.

Hashmi, Nilofer. "Hills Like White Elephants': the jilting of Jig." The Hemingway Review 23.1 (2003) 72+ Academic One File. Web.26Oct.2011

This essay got my attention from the beginning. The essay presented and dealt with many scholarly interpretations of hills Like White Elephants and Gave individuals the change too see the book ending from a different perspective. The main point of the article was to give different interpretations of what was read from the view point of scholarly individuals. The author's essay is somewhat weak in the sense that you don't hear the thoughts of the author himself but of someone else (the scholarly interpretations). There is a great introduction offered to the issue but the author does not keep that fire throughout his essay. The piece is complex because it can be seen an accessible and geared to a more specialized audience at the same time. I believe that this piece could possibly be used in my project because it highlights the fact that may of the critics of the book don't



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