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Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

[Based on resource :

ZHANG Lei., 2004. The form of living community which is adapted to the city's public transportation system. Master. Zhejiang University.]

The article seeks to define a proper layout and mode for the residential area in the city which is adapted to the public transportation system and blueprint a public-transportation-friendly residential area in Hangzhou. On the basis of the concept of TOD and the in-depth analyze of the relationship between the land use and the public transportation, ZHANG Lei argues that "Cell Structure" should be the most proper way to organize the residential zone in order to be updated with the development of the public transportation. We found this source to be valuable because the concept of TOD which introduced and applied by the author in the article opens up a new way for us of solving the problem in our research concerning about the influence of the public transportation on living districts.

[Based on resource:

SUN Bindong., PAN Xin.and NING Yuemin., 2008. Analysis on Influence of Job-Housing Balance on Commute Travel in Shanghai. Urban Planning Forum, 1(2008), pp.54-56.]

The article seeks to build an indicator to measure the job-housing spatial balance in Shanghai. On the basis of the hypothesis that job-housing spatial balance influence the commute travel , the three authors demonstrate that the job-housing spatial imbalance is getting more and more intense which results further in the growth of commute travel and the rise of average commute distance and commute time. We found this source to be helpful because the cause-and-effect relationship between the commute travel and housing-spatial discussed in the article intrigues us to further explore the related area of urban planning policies and mixed land use.



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