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Anthem Case

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Equality 7-2521 and understanding his society

Equality 7-2521 was a naive young man who lived in a society where individualism was a sin. He had no right to call himself "I" he was to follow his society rules"WE ARE ONE IN ALL AND ALL IN ONE. THERE ARE NO MEN BUT ONLY THE GREAT _WE_, ONE, INDIVISIBLE AND FOREVER." Equality broke this quote and wrote us Anthem although it was a sin to write and for the first ever falls in with Liberty 5-3000. Relationship was also forbbiden. I as a reader am informing others what Equality learned at the end about his society.

In Anthem people had to do what the Council told them to do, they were all thought the same thing.They had no right to make their own decison , they depend on The Council . Imagine if you couldn't credit yourself?Imagine if you had no control over your life?What is life if you could not do with you love? Equality 7-2521 started a secret invention reasearch about electricity. The Council did not know about his reasearch but he countinue to do the reseach because he loved wht he was doing.

He was nobody , he was Street Sweeper who meets the Golden One aka Liberty 5-3000. Equality did not know the feeling but she change the way he thought of himself. Anyways he was consently sneaken out to perform his secret reasearch in the tunnel. The tunnel was where he work on his screct reasearch inventions. he once forgot to look at the time and comes back from his secrect reasearch late.The council questions him where he was at but he was stuborn to talk about the tunnel where he secretly performed his experiments. The Council sent him to Corrective Detention where he was beaten untill he was eventually unconcious.

He escaped the Corrective Detention and when he came back he shared his invention of electricity with them.He thought that they would love it, Equality 7-2521 gave them as gift but they were horrified they hated what he made. In my opione they didn't like his invention because he was more knowledged the one in charged the council. The council threaten to destroy his invention, but he "Escape streets of the city, escaping to the Uncharted Forest." He didn't know where he was going , he was just happy to leave and concored his freedom.

So, What does Equality 7-2521 finally understand about his society when the Council threatens to destroy his invention?

He learns that his society was

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