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Appeal Case

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American InterContinetal University

Andres Quiles Deya


Prof. Lloyd

Let’s begging with a simple explication of my state. I’m from Puerto Rico with really is not a state. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of US, we have different political parties and different law. As they call is Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, ELA.

They Court of Appeals, here in Puerto Rico reviews the statements and opinions of the Court, in addition to final decisions of administrative agencies. The Judicature Act 1992, the Court of Appeals created as an intermediate court between the Court and the Supreme Court. The courthouse is in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Composition of the court consists of 39 judges, who are appointed by the Governor  of Puerto Rico with the advice and consent of the Senate and hold office for a term of sixteen (16) years.

The performance of the administration of the Court of Appeals is entrusted to the Chief Justice or by delegation of the latter, a judge, administrator and a judge administrator assistant. The adjudicative task is divided into panels of at least three judges and no more than seven judges appointed by the Chief Justice to address the various judicial regions. The composition of the panels and the cases assigned to them may vary according to service needs and available resources. The Chief Justice may establish panels to address resources by matter or characteristics of cases, including complex cases, special procedures or complaints of citizens who appear in its own right.

As competition, The Court of Appeal shall deal with the following issues through the appeal, the Court reviews any judgment or final judgment, whether civil or criminal, delivered by the Court of First Instance.

By certiorari, the Court reviews the, not final, interlocutory judgment given by the Court of First Instance and the judgments of the Court relating to the Autonomous Municipalities Act of the Commonwealth of 1991, review of arbitration awards, contentious proceedings and issued as a result of a guilty plea. Furthermore, the Court of Appeals understood in those cases mentioned the new force of Rule 52.1 of Civil Procedure.

The administrative goes through the use of administrative review, they review there final decisions of administrative agencies. As other resources, original jurisdiction, the Court considered and may issue writs of habeas corpus and mandamus. The Supreme Court’s dedicates large time in resolving disputes between state governments.

The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States and only part of the federal specifically required by the Constitution. The Congress stipulates the number of Supreme Court. Since 1869 they have been a few, six, nine Justices and one Chief Justice.                                                                                         The Supreme Court's decisions cannot be appealed to any authority, as it is the final judicial arbiter in the United States on matters of federal law. However, the Court may consider appeals from the highest state courts or from federal appellate courts. The Court also has original jurisdiction in cases involving ambassadors and other diplomats, and in cases between states. (



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