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Apple Inc. History

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Mac computers, formerly known as Macintosh Computers was introduced to the world in 1984 by creator Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak (Thottam 2016). The two college dropouts had a vision to change the way we view and use computers, and hence they founded the company Apple Computers, Inc. Jobs and Wozniak were able to raise capital by selling their personal belongings. The men started off production in Jobs garage, where they first produced a working circuit board. With Jobs persistence, the men later created the first colored microcomputer that appealed to the average person, it was name the Apple II (Levy 2017).

Jobs understood that in order for the company to grow that they needed to gain more capital and professional management. The men convinced Regis McKenna, (a well-known public relations specialist) to represent the company and Michael Markkula a wealthy shareholder of Intel Corporations to invest in their company. With working capital and great representation, the men were able to focus on what they do best, create. With much advancement, marketing, representation and demand, Apple, Inc. sales skyrocketed.

As with any business, competition is inevitable, International Business Machines (IBM) introduced similar products at a cheaper price point that appealed to the general population and educational organizations. Both companies would find themselves intertwined in legal battles in which Apple, Inc. became unsuccessful. With time and change in management, Apple re-invented and introduced a variety of new products. Hence the renaming also of the MacIntosh to IMac. The iMac quickly became the all-time best-selling Mac and lifted Apple’s US market share from a record low of 2.6 percent in December 1997 to roughly 13.5 percent in August 1998 (Levy 2017)

Today, Imac has evolved to a series of computers to include but not limited to the Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. Sales continue to rise and the company continues to be a leading designer of advanced computer technology. Apple currently embraces the modern 4P’s of marketing. According to the company’s website, they have a vast amount of individuals managing different sectors of the company from the CEO Tim Cook, CFO, Jeff Williams to the Director of China Operations Isabel Maghe and so many others. Apple overall performance as a company is assertive, even though located in California, many sectors of the company are spread throughout the US and international countries. However; they all come together to produce, market and distribute MAC products that appeal to the masses.

Many will agree that Apple has done a great job in building a loyal customer base and consistently gaining new customers by producing a good quality product while maintaining its social and legal responsibilities to society.




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