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Apple Swot Case Study

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Apple SWOT Analysis



Apple SWOT Analysis


The Apple Inc. has strengths in its user interface. The engineers at Apple have managed to design user interfaces that are intuitive and simple. This has been exhibited in the Mac computer which has led as far as personal computers are concerned. The application of the click wheel interface saw the manufacturing of the iPod and the iPhone, which have since seen a revolution in the tablet and Smartphone categories. Apple's hardware design has depicted a lot of innovation. This has been strength to the company. The company has developed chips that are for use in their iDevices. The company has designs of laptops that are anybody with track pads that are multi-touch. The designs by Apple have been of aesthetic value and are regarded highly by many customers globally. The company's products are deemed beautiful and widely appreciated. The company also has a supply chain management that is well coordinated thus achieving an effective supply for its products.


Come of the products like iPod have been criticized for having screens that are faulty. Most of the company's products are always prone to breakages when subjected to impacts. The company acknowledged this fact and made a move to replace all the products that were faulty. The music industry has been pressurizing Apple to increase the prices of downloading music to their devices. This is because iTunes earn companies more money than the sales of CDs. Apple knows that giving into the demands of music producers will be a sign of commercial weakness. Apple's switch from IBM as their main chip supplier to Intel was said to have confused the customers who were total to Apple products.


There is an opportunity for Apple to develop the music player and iTunes technology to mobile phones. The Apple Inc. has an opportunity to make use of the new technology and strategy which will see the company explore more innovations in their products. The increasing demand for tablets offers great opportunity to the company.


There is very intense competition in the technology market. Apple, as one of the technology based companies, faces this challenge posed by other emerging technology companies. Apple must therefore work very hard in order to attract more customers. However, the more they become successful, the more the competition rises. Other companies are researching and producing products with similar applications and services to those of the Apple Inc. the sales of the Apple products have been in very high demand due to the popularity of the products.



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