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Applying Social Theory

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Essay Preview: Applying Social Theory

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Shikira Coley


June 3, 2012

Brian Tammany

Product Presentation

The wave of the future is an item that benefits me and any other female that is also a fulltime student, fulltime employee, mother, wife, and anyone that participates in an activity that consumes more than 30 minutes of your time. I thank you ladies today for inviting me to your Mother's Day Social Club Meeting to present my New Age Nails - Polish Solution. This device is primarily for all of us busy ladies, not only a timesaver, but a money saver. Imagine the best manicure you have ever had in the comfort and convenience of your very own home.

This computer generated device can scan your hand or foot image and then airbrush your favorite colors onto your nails. You can even choose from several designs. This technique lasts longer than salon nails, and this is at a fraction of the cost. Before your manicure/pedicure starts, you first soak your nails in our softening and cleansing solution. Another great feature is this device will buff and file your nails, just select your favorite settings. Next you condition your cuticles and select your color and/or design. The best part, your machine has autosave to remember your desired settings. My favorite part of this device is the preview feature, now you can see what your selections will look like, without the guesswork. Complete your look anytime with New Age Nails. Thank you for your time and allowing me to speak.

Applying Social Influence Theories

With my product, I am trying to persuade an audience that is similar to me. This is a part of the social judgment theory. I am able to predict their level of persuasion by the level of similarities that we share about a current belief or attitude. While gathering ideas I noticed there were several ideas for working mothers, including classes on time management. This type of crowd may be hard to persuade for several reasons, but the most important part is to gain their trust and allow them to see some of "me" in themselves.

I feel that I can appeal to this audience because we not only have similar interests but also similar concerns. Most mothers have a very hectic schedule and any other item that you add into that schedule like school, work, extracurricular or civic activities takes so much from your schedule. This factor made it very important to address the cognitive dissonance. This concepts sounds good in theory, but there are many "what ifs" that must be addressed. What about the actual care of my nails that I get with a salon manicure? What if I don't like my selections? Do I need to reset this each time I get ready to do my nails? Although the actual cost of the machine



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