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Aquaman Movie Review

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Essay Preview: Aquaman Movie Review

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By: Grace Culian

ANHS 11-Alexandrite

The movie Aquaman which is directed by James Wan shows how the superhero with incredible power, Arthur used his bravery, power and eagerness to protect and fight for the people against the antagonists. As I watched it, I figured out that it is a combination of different genres of a movie such as comedy, action, adventure and romance. The movie revolves around the life of Arthur, a half-human and half-Atlantean prince. He is so eager and brave to protect and save every living things both in the ocean (from the land-dwellers) and in land from the villains. The movie shows how the love, care and understanding of family and companions is important to us, for no matter what, we will always need and need it them in our lives.  They will keep on cheering and inspiring us through our journey, for us to easily reach the peck of our hard works. Just like Arthur, he is with him, his father, mother, his mentor and Mera, who inspired and motivated him not be disappointed on fighting for the throne for he is the true one who deserves it.

The movie is good and it is somewhat similar to the movie “Thor” for they are both superheroes and they use their given power to save people from the villains that they encountered. Both movie shows different fight and action scenes that are breath-taking because of the intense scenes. Both movies show unrealistic power that no one can ever imagine that it will happen and it was given to them.

The movie obviously used different camera shots that are necessary to every scenes. The camera shots that were used are extreme wide shot, longshot, close-up shot, bird’s eye, arc shot, wide shot and other shots that are appropriate to the scenes. The light and brightness of the images and background displayed in the movie are both natural and not because some are just edited and due to the effects of the camera.

The movie is excellently good. There is no necessary movement. It has a colorful background that caught the attention of the viewers. The colors, background and images give aliveness to the movie, especially when the portrayed scenes are under the ocean wherein there are different colors and beautiful creatures that are displayed and give color and life to the movie. Under the ocean is a palace that every viewers would wish to live in there, it catches and attract the audience’s attention.

The performance of every actor is good as per as the other characters, their costumes are very much accurate. The movement of every characters are in line to the story line. They portrayed it well, especially the protagonist, Arthur, with his masculine body, he easily depicted and showed every action scenes that need to be displayed.

The background music and sound of the movie are in line in every scenes that was showed. It gives aliveness to the movie. The intense sound is being played if there is a fight scene that Arthur is encountering on. The music and sounds that were used in the movie is appropriately correct and it helps to contribute on the success of the movie. Sometimes the music or sound that was played is slow or fast depending on the scenes.

Most of the superheroes help and save people who are at the risk of their lives, or evenly, in danger, just like the movie that portrayed a hero. It is an inspirational movie, and some would even relate their life to Arthur. The movie is inspiring and touching that make the viewers to feel exciteness and fear, especially if Arthur is on fight.



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