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Aristotle Case

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Review for Test #1 Test #1 is Monday 10/21

Before I mention the actual things to review, I know a lot of students always have questions about the format of tests, so I'll answer those first. My tests are fairly writing intensive. They are short answers (which re about 2-4 sentences each) and a combination of short essays and a possible long essay.

You should bring a Blue Book or Green Book to class Monday in which to take the test. Blue Books are literally little booklets that say 'Blue Book' on the front and are colored - you guessed it - blue. Guess what Green Books look like. You can get them for less than 50 cents in the bookstore. There are two sizes - I recommend the big ones, but it's up to you.

One more note about the test. Since my format is short answer, short essay, and a possible essay, you should keep in mind that an answer could be correct and still be a 'C' answer, because I'm looking for depth in your answers. We'll talk more about this, and I'll give you examples.

Ok - now, what should you know? The following material is fair game for the test:

* Plato's Apology, Euthyphro, Phaedo,

* Descartes' Meditations (I and II)

* The Kierkegaard Reading on Subjective Truth and Objective Truth

However, the overwhelming focus will be on the Phaedo and Descartes' Meditations. Here are some things with which you should be familiar:


(I will not be focusing much on this, since your paper was on it; however, you should be aware of a few things):

Why does Socrates think Athens will be harmed more than he will if he is killed?

* What does this tell us about what Plato about what our true self is? (Is it physical?)

* What service does he provide to Athens?

* How does he provide this service? Explain why his method is so valuable?


* In what ways does the character Euthyphro represent some of the problems Socrates sees with Athenians?

* What is troubling about the idea that something is right because the gods love it?

* What is troubling about the idea that the gods love it because it is right?


Be able to discuss Descartes' project in general:

* What is he setting out to do?

* Why



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