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Around the World in 80 Days - Book Review

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Essay Preview: Around the World in 80 Days - Book Review

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Around the World in 80 Days

By Jules Verne

Genre: adventure, fiction

"Around the world in 80 days" is set in 1872 and is one of many of the books written by Jules Verne. It is a well written with minor amounts of challenging language. The book has a good plot and cleverly gains curiosity from the reader to make them plough on to the end of the book. Personally, I cannot criticise this book too much apart from the fact that it could improve upon the sudden and almost immediate start at the beginning of the book.

Phileas Fogg is a quiet man who lives on number 7 Savile Row. Almost nothing is known about him apart from the fact that he is the most courteous of men and one of the nation`s most brilliant parliamentary speaker. He is a very precise man, because if walking exactly 575 times on his left foot and 576 times on his right foot at half past eleven to the reform club every day, I don't know what is. He is also accompanied by his hot-blooded French new Manservant, Passepartout. All Passepartout wanted to do was to settle down into a nice job. He isn't exactly happy when he is dragged across the world in 80 days on the very day he is employed.

The plot of the story isn't half bad. Mr Fogg, after walking to the reform club, discuss with his fellow club members if it was possible to travel the world the world in 80 days. Adamant that it was possible, he places a bet of £20,000 (half of his fortune) that he could do it - starting today. Taking the other £20,000 with him he boards a ship to India... with and unhappy Passepartout. However, only a few days ago was £50,000 pounds stolen from the bank of England. And inspector Fix is sure that Mr Fogg is making an elaborate bet to get out of the country and get the police cent of his trail. Along the way he will encounter an American intent on killing him, hijacking ninjas, a group of terrorists and a circus act trying to murder Passepartout.

Overall, a thrilling and an absolutely brilliant read, it has excellent language and a curious plot. One of my favourite books I have read so far.

I would recommend this book people with an enjoyment adventure.



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