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Brave New World and 1984 - Book Review

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Essay Preview: Brave New World and 1984 - Book Review

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"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." The famous quote by Lord Acton can be perceived in Orwell's Brave New World and Huxley's 1984. Similarly, both 1984 and Brave New World contain character contain characters that concentrate, both 1984 and Brave New World contain character contain characters that concentrate on a lifestyle that the community expects. Orwell and Huxley enjoy giving audiences more than one society to read about to become aware of what happens in the rest of the world. The characters enjoy their lives, though they slowly begin to acquire knowledge of other societies. The societies share certain aspects. Both societies that Orwell and Huxley write about contain lots of sex to further the society and the life that one lives.

The two novels Brave New World and 1984 are both good examples of complete government control. Both distort the minds of people to make them believe they are a higher or lower class. They make them feel they are not equal and cannot get out of their class. Both governments do not want its people to be very smart. Both governments do not view people as important individuals. They do not care whether they live or die. The government uses the majority of the people for their benefit. The people do all the hard work so the government does not have to do much. Both governments do not believe in strong family relationships. "Just try to realize it, try to realize what it was like to have a viviparous mother. Try to imagine what 'living with one's family' meant." They tried; but obviously without the smallest success. "And do you know what a 'home' was?" They shook their heads. In 1984, the children go against their own parents and turn them in to the thought police if they suspect them of thoughtcrime. Some parents were terrified of their own children. Brave New World does not have families because people are made synthetically. They never know what it is like to have a family or to really love someone. Both books do not view each other as important. There is no real love for each other. In Brave New World they have a high percentage of people in the upper classes. In 1984, the governments are the highest class, and they expect the lower classes to treat them with respect. The middle class are the people that have better jobs than the lower class, live in a different area than the lower class, and they aren't really allowed to associate with the lower class. Both governments only cared about the well-being of the people in the highest class, themselves. Both governments use brainwashing to keep people in line and to have no real free thinking. 1984 rewrites history and makes everyone believe that the government is always right. They have "wars" against other countries so the people will support their government and hate the other countries. This gives the government more power because the



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