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Autism Case

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The given definition of Autism is a broad group of developmental disorders characterized by impaired social interactions, problems with verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors, or severely limited activities and interests.

It still remains a mystery of the exact cause of autism, but through some research they have found that autism may be genetic, be caused by a virus or infection, and problems during the birthing of the child. Most people start noticing the symptoms of autism in their child around the age of three and sadly all of these symptoms normally have a life long lasting affect on the child.

Autism can range from very mild cases to very severe cases, and 75% of cases also have mental retardation. Most kids with autism have a rough time communicating with other, use repetitive body movements, have difficulty adjusting to changes in their daily routine, and many other symptoms. Autism affects approximately 1 out of every 150 children, which means around 1.5 million Americans may be affected by autism. There are around 4 million babies born a year and 24,000 of them will most likely eventually become autistic.

It can be difficult trying to teach a child with a more severe case of autism, but some other children with it are very bright. Some ways to help teach them are to use the same routine in the classroom everyday, understand the need for transition, and most importantly use a visual approach to instruct students with Autism.

Hopefully they will find a way to help autism eventually and learn more about this disability.



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