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Avatars Heroes Journey

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Shaun Miller



                                        Avatars Heroes Journey

        I believe the call to adventure is when Jakes twin brother is killed by a mugger and Jake is given a job offer to replace his brother in the Avatar program. After arriving on Pandora, the home world of the Na’vi and the source of the valuable resource called unobtanium, Jake meets Grace, the head of science part of the program, Norm Spellman, a fellow member and friend to Jakes brother, Trudy, an RDA military pilot, and Miles Quaritch head of the RDA’s military personnel. Jake has no knowledge of the Na’vi or their language, this causes grace to not agree with Jake taking his brothers place in the program. When Jake first goes into his avatars body he is filled with excitement when he realizes he is able to walk again. This is when I believe Jake first started his journey.

        Jakes refusal to call would be when he is on his first assignment to escort Grace and Norm when Jake is separated and after an attack from some wild life. He eventually meets Neytiri, the daughter of the home trees elders, as well as the home trees Na’vi settlers. Once Jake comes out of his avatars body and he tells everyone what happened the RDA learns the home tree is on a large deposit of unobtanium. So Quaritch asks Jake to gain the Na’vi’s trust and convince them to move locations. At first Jake refuses because he doesn’t think he will gain their trust. But then Quaritch offers to get Jakes legs back which makes Jake agree with their deal.

        At first, I believed that the supernatural aid was Neytiri. I thought this because she helped Jake through the road of trials and trained him to be part of the Na’vi. But after watching more of the movie I realized that the supernatural aid could be Eywa. I believe this could be Eywa because in the first part of the movie the sacred flowers landed on Jake and it convinced the people not to kill him and teach him their ways and make him one of them. Also, when the sky people and the Na’vi are fighting the Na’vi begins to start to take a lot of casualties and support, but before the battle began Jake prayed to Eywa for help. When Jake and Neytiri start to lose faith all the wild life comes out from hiding and help them fight. This allowed the Na’vi to beat the sky people and send them back to earth.

        I think that one of the roads of trials is when Neytiri is teaching Jake to bond with the horse for the first time. At first Jake had no idea of how to control the horse so he kept falling off it. After a while he learns how to speak to the horse and tell it what to do in his head. The second road of trials would be when has to climb to the top of the floating mountains to get banshees as one of the final tasks to becoming a hunter. Jake is volunteered to go first, at first, he jumps on the banshees back and is immediately thrown off and almost falls off the cliff. Once he climbs back up he raps its mouth shut and gets on its back and holds it down, he finally bonds with it and is able to go on his first flight. The final road of trials is when he is learning to hunt off the back of his banshee. This showed the elders that Jake is finally ready to become part of the Na’vi and is initiated into the tribe.



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