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Avon Case

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avon firms using catalogs are successful because they offer discount prices. For example, they can offer buy one and get one free ! avon businesses are successful because they create market offerings to consumers by offering benefits such samples on catalogs where the consumer can smell to test the each perfume avon has to offer through their catalogs.Avon promises superior customer value in this way and they are able to fulfil their promises because when consumers order their chosen products and they use it they agree with the same smell they got from the samples. This in turn satisfy consumers and the avon business will be able to capture value from customers in the form of profits, loyalty and above all trust . Avon is successful in providing information that consumers will need concerning everything on how the avon company works and what these avon products can do to benefit them. Such vital information needed by consumers can be provided through a sales representative. In other words, the avon has so many information that the avon firms have to hire sales representatives to work for them in order to help them provide the information to their customers. Avon products are mostly targeted by women who are interested in beauty and make up and above all they tend to look at more of new products that are in high quality and better price which they can afford and they will demand for products that will be healthy for their skin.



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