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B2b Company Social Media Conv

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Essay Preview: B2b Company Social Media Conv

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Company’s need social media to communicate and exchange with their potential customers and their actual ones.

For B2B company’s the approach has to be different, you are not communicating the same way with a direct customer and with a company.

Social media is a way for companies to share a message differently than with an add on television or billboards for example. Social media allows companies to interact with customers and not just tell something without any response.

I will come up with a social media plan and strategy for an internal tool for company to communicate.

The goal of this campaign will be about awareness.

We want the brand to be known and we need people to understand the purpose of our service and the competitive advantage but we also want customers to learn more about the brand values and the story behind the company.

Our company service is more made for small companies. Our target audience will mainly be start-ups.


Number 1:

Company name: NeighborHelp

The company has been created 2 years ago and they still need crowdfunding to run their activity.

Their goal is to help people to find someone nearby them thanks to their website to help them doing something.

They don’t have the finance needed to have an expensive and sophisticate intern communication tool.

The company values are to always listen, to share ideas and also to be open to different way of doing things.

The company has 12 employees:

2 CEOs

3 business developers

2 community managers

2 web developers

2 customer relationship managers

1 traffic manager

On a daily basis, people from different divisions are working with one another.

For example, employees of business development division are working with employees of customer relationship management division or the traffic manager is working with web developers.

This tool will help them communicate with any employee of the company but also to create different conversion groups divided by interest.

For example, an employee from the business development division can have a conversation group with other business developers and another conversation group with business developers and customer relationship managers.

Number 2:

Company name: ReUseIt

The company has been created 6 mouths ago and just start to have a customer data base.

The company activity is an online platform allowing users to sell or buy second-hand goods.

They still need to create awareness around their brand on this highly competitive sector.

The company values are to provide waste, be as



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