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A Framework for Elearning with Social Media Using Drm

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Essay Preview: A Framework for Elearning with Social Media Using Drm

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A Framework for eLearning with Social Media using DRM

Jahangir Dewan, Morshed Chowdhury, Deakin University, Australia


This paper provides a proposal for personal e-learning system (PELS) architecture in the context of social network environment. The main objective of PELS is to develop individual skills on a specific subject and share resources with peers. Our system architecture defines organization and management of personal learning environment that aids in creating, verifying and sharing learning artifacts and making money at the same time. We also focus on in our research one of the most interesting arenas in digital content or document management called Digital Right Management (DRAM) and its application to eLearning.

Keywords: eLearning, DRM, Social Network and Security

Personal eLearning System (PELS) is an eLearning platform that enables individual learners and groups of individuals to achieve a synergy of ideas and people through an n-dimensional network of information. The application can be used at personal level or as a service via the internet. It also offers information creation and management services, performing data capturing and organization services in order to populate resources in the application server.

The IEEE Learning Technology Systems Architecture (IEEE LTSA) [1] provides a generic framework for eLearning system. Personal eLearning system discussed in [2] that is based on [1], provides interesting concept of eLearning with collaborative fashion based on interests and levels of learners. Our objective is to take this work to next level of eLearning in personal, share and business models through devices like the iPad or a personal mobile device in the context of social network.

Forrester Research defines social networking as "technology and services that create unique personal profiles, map out relationships, and leverage those connections to accomplish a task." PELS is not solely focused on the personal learning and people aspect of value creation, but on the information and collaboration that creates real value through gains in productivity, growth and innovation.

The shortcoming of existing solutions is a myopic view of the components of value creation. Trends around personal and corporate social networking look at people and their relationships. The core of PELS is comprehensive value creation taking into account those same people and relationships, but also cross-relationships with ideas, initiatives, strategies, documents, and collections of documents, all supported by a comprehensive set of easy-to-use Web 2.0 tools. This supports any number of needs including effective personal learning management, organizational management, research and development, information sharing, team collaboration and knowledge



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