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Balanced Scorecard

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Types of business reports

Tabular/ Structured (balance sheet, profit/loss)

Dashboard-Type Reports (graphical presentation)

Balanced Scorecard-type Reports (include financial, customer, business process, and learning& growth indicators)

Performance Dashboard

Visual displays of important information that is consolidated and arranged on a single screen so that info can be digested at a single glance and easily drilled in and future explored


  • Small, clear often interactive
  • Customize for a specific person, group or function
  • Focus on monitoring and measuring
  • Consists of a combination of charts and tables



Connect high-level business strategy to bottom line performance

4 perspectives:

financial, customer/stakeholder, internal process, organizational capacity of learning and growth

develop objectives, KPIs, targets, and initiatives relative to each perspective

Info delivery to data users

Classes of data users

How to provide info

Info delivery

Dimensional analysis – cubes of data

- Business data can be visualized as cubes that can split into sub-cubes

- It enables OLAP for processing analytical queries that are dimensional in nature

- Transaction databases are OLTP: Online Transaction Processing

Data cube representing facts and dimensions

- Facts (measures)

 Often numeric

 Have aggregated measures or may relate to a specific transaction

 Measure Aggregation properties (additive—can be added, semi-additive—availability, stock on hand, non-additive)

- Dimensions with hierarchical

 Example: location: country, region, state

 Dimensions are often categorical data

Data cube operators

-  Sub-setting- slicing, dicing

-  Navigation- drill-down, roll-up, drill-across  (hierarchy)

-  Pivoting

Building Effective Visualizations

1. Do not visualise relationships that you cannot explain!

2. Correlation is not causation.

3. be consistent in formatting

Bar chart, line chart axes should include zero

4. be minimalistic

What is Examinable:

• Business reporting

• How to build effective visualisations

• Dashboard navigation methods

• Visualisation principles




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