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Ban on Texting While Driving

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Ban on Texting While Driving

My topic is on banning of texting while driving. I chose this topic because the act of texting while driving poses a great danger to not only the lives of the drivers but also the pedestrians on the road and the passengers. Therefore, the act of banning texting while driving needs to be taken seriously as a law to the American people to avoid accidents that occur as a result of texting while driving.

 A ban is an act of totally making something illegal to the people. Especially the drivers, in this case, will not be allowed to text while driving. Texting while driving is the act of sending messages in a situation where someone is driving.

The topic gets opposing opinions.  It is a fact that texting while driving causes accident on roads as a driver can use both hands to read or reply to a text and can cause distractions. A high percentage of people in America also believe that the act of texting while driving is very dangerous to all people and want the act to be banned. Others argue that it should not be banned as the states that banned the act are now experiencing a high rate of usage of cell phones in texting while driving; for instance, California. Furthermore, a ban on the text while driving cannot be effective as a police officer cannot gather evidence that indicates someone was sending messages while driving. I am worried because some people do not want a ban on the act of texting while driving. It is a great surprise as it is like encouraging the death of people to occur.  

The question now is; should we support a ban on texting while driving or not? Is it that texting while driving the main cause of accidents in America? Will we benefit from banning texting while driving? How does texting while driving distract a driver? Why should we ban text while driving? What makes drivers text while driving? When will texting while driving be something that is uncontroversial?

We should support the ban on texting while driving for the reason that it has been found to cause accidents due to distraction that it causes to drivers. This causes a huge accident that affects the life of the driver, passengers, and the pedestrians.

The supporters of the ban on texting while driving argue that the ban will help to provide a better safety measures road users. They say that human being is not able to multi-task. In that, he cannot be able to drive and at the same time can send messages; therefore one act should be done at a time. Supporters also claim that it is dangerous to text while driving. Evidence says that texting while driving is the same as drunk driving; hence it should be banned.

        Critics argue that the act should not be banned. Evidence says that police officers in Virginia issued such a ban will not be effectively enforced by police officers as it is 16 ticket as the law on the ban of texting while driving was difficult to enforce. Critics also argue that the ban does not help. This is because the ban has not reduced crash rates in the states that have enforced the law.



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