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Text While Driving

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Ever been driving down the highway behind someone that is using his or her cell phone? This can distract the driver, causing them to lose focus, drive slowly, or even drive off of the road. In several instances, accidents occur due to someone texting and driving, a new trend that is mainly used by young adults. Not only is using a cell phone while driving dangerous, but one wrong move could cause the person using the cell phone to lose their life and take someone else's. What makes these drivers so sure that they can multi-task while driving? Is it just from confidence or a lack of caring or thinking of the consequences behind what they are doing? These are only two of the main questions that some people ask themselves as they drive and pass others as they use their cell phone in traffic. Although everyone is probably a victim when it comes to using their cell phone while driving, there is no denying that driving and texting or talking on the phone is definitely dangerous. Driving altogether is already dangerous enough by itself, so why do people think that texting or talking on the phone while driving will make driving any safer? Therefore, all drivers should be banned from using cellular devices while driving unless they are eighteen years of age and using a blue tooth device, hands free car kit, or making a call due to an emergency. However, the banning of cell phone usage will not only give people a sense of confidence while they are driving, but it will also reduce the risks of accidents. Many parents do not want their children out all day and night due to the way people drive. Little do people know, everyone is a victim of talking on the phone or texting while driving. Whether it is just to answer a quick text message or to make a phone call to a friend, just about everyone has done it, completely forgetting about the consequences that follow.



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