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Texting While Driving

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Texting while Driving

Everyone across the world owns a cell phone maybe in case of an emergency or simply to communicate with their loved ones and friends. If over 600 million people own a cell phone imagine how many people text and drive at the same time? Car accidents do happen and it's devastating to hear how they ruin families with a simple text. It's also, heartbreaking to hear how these types of car accidents ruined families because of one wrong decision, for example Taylor Sauer was an 18 year old star athlete and Utah State University student who crashed into a non-moving vehicle when she was texting while driving. Craig P. Bigos a 31 year old man hit a 13 year old boy down his street because he was too distracted on his cell phone; furthermore that he did not notice that he hit young Earman Machado, who later died. The punishment should fit the crime if an individual hits a car but only dents the vehicle while texting and driving he should only be fined not put in prison In this case Taylor Sauer was an 18 year old star athlete who was majoring in elementary education at the University of Utah. She had a "go getter attitude" and never gave up on anything or anybody. She graduated high school with a three point nine GPA and was headed towards a great future. Sadly she made the mistake of texting while driving when she was coming home to Idaho from Utah. According to Distracted Driving, cell phone use behind the wheel reduces the amount of brain activity associated with driving by 37 percent. Texting while driving is like driving drunk nobody should do it. According to Cell phone and Texting laws, texting while driving increases the risk of an accident 23.2 times. Taylor Sauer's father, Clay Sauer, told Ann Curry on TODAY Monday "I think she was probably texting to stay awake, she was probably tired." It's difficult on the family when a loved one passes away; but at the same time it motivates them to help the community understand that texting while driving is wrong and can bring consequences. Crash risk is four times higher when a driver uses a cell phone, whether or not it's hands-free according to the distracted driving facts and stats. Taylor Sauer's family testified in front of the Idaho State Legislature to try to band texting and driving in Idaho State. Idaho is one of the 13 states in the United States that does not have a law against texting and driving. It's hard to lose a loved one, and in cases like this the family tries to reach other teens to prevent them from committing the same mistake. Also, Earman Machado was a 13 year old boy who loved to play football. He was aspiring to play football for the University of Miami after he graduated high school. He enjoyed dancing to hip hop and R & B music unfortunately; he's not going to be able to do this because of an unconcerned driver looking at



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