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Bank Penetration in Nordic Countries

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Essay Preview: Bank Penetration in Nordic Countries

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Must accounting representations be partial in order to achieve organizational control? Critically discuss, making use of the course materials.

In order to develop this study and answer the question above it is imperative that one break down this question and understands crucial themes embedded within it.

First, what is representation? If one strikes you with such question; at first we might not know what to answer. However, after analysing deeper, one can reach the conclusion that we are faced with representations everyday. A good example for representation is a picture. A picture is the type of representation that most of us are familiar with.

There are different ways in which the term representation (or representative) can be used. According to (Birch, 1971) there are three most common ways of how representative can One question which commonly arises is connection with delegated representation is the extent to which the representative is, or should be, bound by the instructions of his principal.

According to (Kallinikos, 1995) representation is simply concerned with the selective objectification of things, states and processes. In other words, if one is trying to sell a second hand car on eBay, for example, one will make sure to carefully select only the positive or "the most attractive" comments regarding the car, and write it on the product's profile for interested users to read. Major faults if not all, would deliberately be excluded, in order to attract buyers, even if it meant misrepresenting the product. Moreover, one chooses to remain silent to the product's faults in order to achieve a "successful representation" of the product in question.



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