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Banner Boswell Medical Center

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Essay Preview: Banner Boswell Medical Center

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Banner Boswell Medical Center

Being recognized on Truven's Health Analytics Top 100 National Hospitals list is quite an honor and accomplishment. Every year Truven Health Analytics studies nearly 3,000 U.S. hospitals to recognize the Nations best hospitals based on performance, patient care, operational productivity and financial stability. Hospitals demonstrating high performance as well as long-term improvement over the past five years are awarded the Everest Award, ("Top national hospitals," 2012). With a strong passion for patient care, quality care and innovation, it is no surprise that Banner Boswell Medical Center in Sun City, Arizona was presented the highly acclaimed Everest Award for 2012.

In 1960, Sun City, Arizona, officially became the nations first active adult retirement community. Located just outside of Phoenix, Sun City attracted adults who wanted to enjoy the leisure life during their retirement ("Sun city: 50,"). As this community grew over the years, recreation centers, shopping centers and golf courses were added to accommodate the active lifestyle of the residents. As the population multiplied, the need for a major healthcare facility became apparent. On November 16, 1970, not-for-profit Banner Boswell Medical Center opened its doors and as the population grew over the following forty decades, Banner Boswell expanded to meet the demands of Sun City. Today, Banner Boswell houses approximately 500 patient beds, has over 2000 employees and appoints an estimated 880 medical staff members, ("Fast facts about," 2012).

As one of the largest nonprofit hospital systems in the nation, Banner Health strives to sustain their mission by imparting excellent health care as oppose to generating income for investors. Revenue made, funds borrowed and donations received are directly but back into the organization to improve and maintain facilities and equipment as well as to invest in the future of medical technology and innovation.

Since opening the doors in 1970, Banner Boswell has made it their mission "to make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care", ("Banner boswell medical,"). Serving the community with compassion, respect and integrity has been at the forefront of their practices. These values have allowed Banner Boswell to transcend expectations and deliver superior quality care for the community and surrounding areas.

Operating as a full service health system, Banner Boswell offers the community a wide range of services such as Cancer Care, Neurosciences, Cardiac Care, Orthopedics, Women's Health, Rehabilitation Care, Intensive Care and Emergency Care, just to name a few. As a certified Joint Commission Primary Stroke Center, Banner Boswell offers a specialized stroke unit operated by a team of nurses and neurologists educated and trained to provide state-of-the-art



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