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West Coast Medical Center

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St Marry University

MBA in General Management

Dear Respondents;

The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect data for research paper on the topic training and development at Dashen International Bank for the course Human Resource management at St. Marry University. Your honest response on the questions below is very important. The information you provide will only be used for academic research on the specified topic.

We thank you for your time and effort.

Please put a mark in the box provide to indicate your answer.

  1. Sex: Male     Female
  2. Age:  <= 25 years       26-35 years   35-45 years    >=46 years
  3. Education level:

12th Grade Completed            Diploma

1st Degree                         2nd Degree

  1. For how long have you worked at Dashen International Bank

<=5 Years       6-10 Years       11-15 Years     More than 16  

  1. Have you ever been given training?

Yes        No  

  1. If the answer to the above question is NO, explain the reason

  1. If yes, how often?

One time a year      Two times years

Three or more times a year

  1. What type of training did you receive

Technical training ◻        Management development training ◻       Both ◻    

  1. Do you think the selection of trainees is fair?

Yes                 NO

  1. If the answer is no for the above question, explain below.

  1. What do you think is the criteria for selecting trainees?

Based on educational level                 Based on Job position

By Chance                                 Do not know

  1. Is Dashen’ training policy on training open to the staff members?

Yes                          NO

  1. Which of these training is the primary methods they have applied on your non-management training?

On job                         Apprenticeships

Off the job training         Other methods

  1. What do you think is the impact of training on your performance?

Positive                  Negative                 Don’t know

  1. Which is the primary method used in management development at Dashen??

Role playing and behavioral modeling       Coaching method

Case study method                               Management game

  1. Which method is primarily used by the training department for assessing training needs?

Task Analysis                                 Training analysis

Performance analysis                         Don’t know

  1. After completion of a training and development program, does your company evaluate the result?

Yes                                          No

Table 7: Training policy of the organization.



No. of response

% of respondents


Is Dashen’ training policy on training open to the staff members










The data on item no 11 table 7 depict 60% of the employees response is negative where as 40% of employee response is positive.

The implication behind the data presented on table 7 is the organization policy on training is not clear to employees. In theory training policy should have been adapted to suit the specific requirement of the organization’ human resource to achieve its objective, but this is hard to do when the employees don’t even have an understanding of training policies.

Table 8: Methods of training



No. of response

% of respondents


Which of these training is the primary methods they have applied on your non-management training?

On job training



Off the job training












As shown by the data on table 8 item no 12, the primary methods used are on and off the job training methods while apprenticeships and other methods aren’t used. This is not surprising as on the job and off the job trainings incur less cost for trainer and are also useful in giving training to new employees to perform a task that doesn’t require high level of decision making. However, the bank has completely ignored the apprenticeships method and this method should be used to trainee individuals personally.



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