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Riverview Regional Medical Center

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As a society, we are people of habits and routine. Our society enjoys having a familiarity within their daily life that helps guide them as well as provide them with stability. As we grow older and mature, the majority of the population follows some type of routine in the morning before they head of to work. For example, many people wake up a earlier than they have to so they can exercise at home or in a gym before dealing with the hectic workday. By continuously and habitually creating a routine, our bodies adapt and we become comfortable living our lives in a certain way. Our entire lifestyle quickly changes from the once stay out all night college student to a dinner by 7pm and in bed by 11pm lifestyle. While many of us adapt and make these positive changes within our lives, others never develop these types of habits and live each day as a completely improvised mindset. Since every one in our society is different, these different lifestyles suit different people but ultimately led to a functional member of society who contributes in one way or another. On the same note, when our daily routine is thrown off by some unforeseen event or by being unwell, it tends to disrupt the entire day as a domino effect as everything is off-scheduled, unplanned, and not expected. Those who are able to adapt to diverse living conditions are able to take it in stride and continue on while those who are programmed like robots often find it difficult to get a grip on a spiraling schedule.

Much like the majority of humans appreciate having routines, habits, and predictability within their daily lives, organizations such as restaurants, gyms, and hospitals operate most efficiently under these conditions as well. When an unforeseen event takes place within these organizations, it is up to the staff members as well as the management to accept the hurdle present and quickly adapt to help get back on track. A very common example of this was seen when President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into legislation and helped reform the medical system from inside and out. While many of health care organizations anticipated this health care reform under an Obama presidency, insurance companies ranging from United Health Care all the way to Humana had quickly realized they needed to adapt to all the new provisions within healthcare in order to remain viable (Blumenthal, D., Abrams, M., & Nuzum, R. 2015). While some have done better than others, United Health Care recently announced they are withdrawing from Obamacare as it doesn’t allow them to remain profitable anymore.

In the 1930’s, the medical facility known as the Holy Name of Jesus Hospital was established and operated by a group of devoted Catholic nuns in a small county of Northwestern Alabama. Not too long after, a group known as Hospital Management Associates were able to purchase and rename the medical facility



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