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Barangay Lonos History

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The Barangay Lonos was an existing barrio even before the American occupation saw the establishment of a civilian government in the town in 1901 with its original name created by the Spaniards. It is during the Spanish colonial period when far-flung hamlets were organized into “sitios”. Thus, this Barangay already had Sitio Ipil, Suwa, Lusod, Parayan and Babangtan when the American came. Sitio Centro, Ilaya and Tagaytay were just added after a few periods.

Some of the biggest families who lived in this Barangay before were Mindo, Mangaring and Maestro Family. The major sources of livelihood in the community were farming and fishing. Vicente Mindo was considered as the most prominent person in the barangay during this era for he owned hectares of land. It was in 1918 when it held classes in his house because Lonos had no school. There were only grade one and two classes handled by Mr. Eologio Mola because the population wasn’t big yet.

Vicente Mindo donated a parcel of land for the school building and ground. The school was materialized in 1919 with one classroom made of nipa and other light materials. It was named Lonos Community School and later changed to Lonos Elemetary School.

As years passed by, Barangay Lonos was populated predominantly of migrants coming from other towns and provinces such as Cebu and Bohol until it grew bigger and bigger.

In early 1970’s, one of the offspring of Vicente Mindo in the name of Juan R. Mindo was appointed as the Kapitan ng Purok. During his time, they were using budyong seashell as signal every time they had a meeting. Also in this stage, the celebration for two patrons, Saint Michael Archangel and Nuestra de Salvacion, was declared as the Barangay Fiesta and conducted during the month of May. Juan Mindo governed the barangay for about 20 years. Later on, an election occurred in which Florencio Denolgo got the highest votes that made him as the new Barangay Captain. It was in his year when the construction of Barangay Hall and church happened and another patron named San Lorenzo Ruiz was professed as the official patron of this barangay. San Lorenzo Ruiz is still the patron until today.

Up to the present, Barangay Lonos grew bigger and continue to develop its own land for its people’s welfare.


“To forge total well-being of populace; to promote progress through encouragement of the people’s participation and cooperation in a realistic and sustainable socio-cultural, economical, ecological and human development endeavors; to vigorously work for the unity and among the residents in the attainment of peace and harmony.”


“A peaceful, prosperous, God-fearing, healthy, industrious, happy, and well-off community with citizens who are united together for a common purpose of attaining food sufficiency, modern farm machineries, well-maintained farm to market roads, and clean environment under a democratic and fair leadership resulting to  better quality of life.”



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